Country: Germany

Company's Type: Supply of building materials

Established in: 1864


Founded in 1864, KEMPER is one of the leading enterprises in building technology systems and products. As a family business for 5 generations, KEMPER has 900 employees, and more than 100 branches and subsidiaries worldwide.

KEMPER is a well-known brand in the field of construction technology, well known for its KHS drinking water system - a system that can prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as legionella, a type of bacteria that grows quickly if water is left in the piping system for a long time. The system is installed with automatic sensor control, supporting automatic cleaning of pipes, as well as keeping the required consumption to a minimum.

As for casting products, KEMPER manufactures water treatment systems and components, as well as weight-optimized valves and fittings.

Not only that, KEMPER's rolling products have put the company in the top of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing copper and alloy belts for automatic machine systems, or electrical applications.

The digital era is a hot topic, a future trend and is applied in most of KEMPER's production and operation processes. In addition, KEMPER has cooperated with subsidiaries to produce pipeline analysis software in the system, making it easier for construction planners to build the system.

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