Country: Germany

Company's Type: Supply of building materials

Established in: 1946

ACO Group is considered as the market leader in drainage technology. The fluctuations in climate change have led to many challenges for businesses themselves. Enterprise needs to adapt as well as improve the quality of their products to be able to quickly adapt to certain environmental conditions. With a rational approach, ACO has succeeded in building professional drainage, efficient cleaning, as well as systematic discharge and reuse of water. The products offered by the ACO group include channels and drains, and grease separators. Founded in 1993, ACO is present in more than 44 countries with a total of 35 production facilities on 5 continents. After more than 60 years of operation, ACO now owns a global workforce of 5,400 people, and owns a revenue of more than 900 million euros in 2019.

With representative offices in more than 29 locations across the continent, ACO is confident to bring products that meet international standards, and has close cooperation with leading agencies in the industry in order to create the most modern systems.

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